Pardon Our Dust

Updated info as of 7/29/21: Moving day is Friday 7/30. We will be offline for the day while we set up in the new location. Our phones and schedule will be unavailable. We will be back in the office ready to see you on Monday 8/2 at our new location. Parking tip: Enter the parkingContinue reading “Pardon Our Dust”


COVID-19 – Implications and Options

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have stopped much of the world. Once busy streets and shops are empty, activities are cancelled and you may not even be going to work. One thing that the virus has not stopped is pain and injury. Maybe you were seeing your PT when stay at home orders were issued.Continue reading “COVID-19 – Implications and Options”

Are you in charge of your gluts?

Why are my Glutes Weak?   We know that having strong gluteal muscles is important for athletes and in everyday life. These muscles help us stand up, walk, run, and jump. The glutes also help control the position of the hip and leg, allowing us to have proper stability and movement patterns. Most of usContinue reading “Are you in charge of your gluts?”

Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

WHY IS STRENGTH TRAINING IMPORTANT FOR ENDURANCE ATHLETES? We all know that the only way to get better at swimming, cycling and running, is to swim, ride and run regularly.  So why isn’t that enough to improve performance?  Well it is.  The more you swim, bike and run, the faster you will be on raceContinue reading “Strength Training for Endurance Athletes”

Keep the Cookie Cutters in the Kitchen

Last week Gino had the opportunity to help a friend who was having some problems with his back. Actually this happens often when you’re a Physical Therapist, but this situation was a little different. Our friend was already going to a physical therapy clinic and had been seen for about two months. He had seenContinue reading “Keep the Cookie Cutters in the Kitchen”

Pain Free Running Clinic

Frustrated by nagging injuries that seen to pop up just as you start to ramp up your training and always appear to hold you back from reaching your next triathlon goal? Have you given up on how to run faster without getting injured? Confused by all the “information” out there on what is the “proper”Continue reading “Pain Free Running Clinic”