Pardon Our Dust

Updated info as of 7/29/21: Moving day is Friday 7/30. We will be offline for the day while we set up in the new location. Our phones and schedule will be unavailable. We will be back in the office ready to see you on Monday 8/2 at our new location.

Parking tip: Enter the parking area off of Pacific Mesa Blvd just before Pacific Center Blvd to be closest to our office entrance.

We have some big changes coming up in 2021! After 10 years at our Sorrento Valley location the owner of the business park is selling the property. Not to worry though, we have found a fantastic new location for FunctionSmart staying right in Sorrento Valley. We think you’ll agree it’s a change for the better as we move into a space with a great window line and lots of natural light which we can all benefit from. We’re going to be changing up some things and moving things around in the next 6 weeks or so leading up to our changing sites at the end of July 2021. All appointments scheduled for Sorrento Valley starting August 2, 2021 will be at the new location. Nothing will change for our Governor Drive location or appointments scheduled there and our phone number for both locations will be the same. You’ll still enjoy great gym space and the services of our wellness partners with personal training, massage, chiropractic and acupuncture services also available. Make sure to update the address in your phone for your Sorrento Valley appointments starting 8/2. Can’t wait to share our new space!

5945 Pacific Center Blvd, Suite 510, San Diego, CA 92121


Published by FunctionSmart

I am a Physical Therapist with over 25 years of experience caring for people with pain and difficulty with movement. I specialize in Pelvic Health PT and work with men, women and children with pelvic pain, bowel or bladder dysfunction, core weakness or pelvic instability, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. In my spare time I enjoy triathlons and endurance sports and especially love a good trail run in our local mountains.

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