End of Season Races

As the triathlon season winds down in the fall, you can find a number of awesome local events to compete in. This coming weekend brings the San Diego Triathlon Classic produced by local cycling and multisport shop Moment Cycle Sport. The Tiki Swim closes out September on the 30th and is produced by veteran triathletes Brian Long and John Hill and has the best tiki inspired gear. How great to be able to complete an Ironman distance swim that you don’t need to follow with 112 miles on the bike and a marathon! October brings two favorites, the classic Mission Bay Triathlon produced by Koz Events. This race started in San Diego in 1974 and is still a “not to be missed” event for many local triathletes. October 21 brings the SheRox Triathlon – a women’s only event. This event was taken over by SheRox a couple of years ago and remains a wonderful, supportive race for all participants of any ability and even offers a “Super Sprint” distance. TCSD also continues it’s Youth Triathlon Series with an event at Newport Beach Sept. 9 and a kids only aquathlon Sept. 22. So whatever your pace you can finish the season strong in San Diego. If injuries are keeping you from getting to the starting line of your favorite race, make sure to contact TCSD Sponsor UCPT to schedule an appointment with one of our Sports Medicine Physical Therapists at 858-452-0282


Published by FunctionSmart

I am a Physical Therapist with over 25 years of experience caring for people with pain and difficulty with movement. I specialize in Pelvic Health PT and work with men, women and children with pelvic pain, bowel or bladder dysfunction, core weakness or pelvic instability, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. In my spare time I enjoy triathlons and endurance sports and especially love a good trail run in our local mountains.

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