Keep the Cookie Cutters in the Kitchen

Last week Gino had the opportunity to help a friend who was having some problems with his back. Actually this happens often when you’re a Physical Therapist, but this situation was a little different. Our friend was already going to a physical therapy clinic and had been seen for about two months. He had seen some progress but really wanted to get back to working out and surfing and knew his back was nowhere near that point. When he and Gino spoke, Gino came to realize that he was being treated in a clinic that offered a protocol driven “cookie cutter” approach to rehab. He was given a variety of exercises and given supervision as he completed them and ended his session with some ice and e.stim. Nowhere in this approach was any hands on care or even an ongoing assessment of progress. That approach may work for many but it won’t work for everyone. Gino was able to work with him for about 20 minutes. The next time we saw him he was all smiles – he had already been back to the gym twice and had just surfed and his back felt better than it had in months. As therapists we know that everyone is different and that not all will fit the mold of the latest research study. The art of Physical Therapy is in applying the evidence and individualizing it to the person in front of us to ensure their recovery. At UCPT, we’ll leave the cookie cutters in the kitchen and use our hands on techniques to provide evidence based practice that works.


Published by FunctionSmart

I am a Physical Therapist with over 25 years of experience caring for people with pain and difficulty with movement. I specialize in Pelvic Health PT and work with men, women and children with pelvic pain, bowel or bladder dysfunction, core weakness or pelvic instability, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. In my spare time I enjoy triathlons and endurance sports and especially love a good trail run in our local mountains.

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